Saturday, March 2, 2013

Magnify The Lord With Me

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together. I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:3-4

Read this next line very carefully, when we try things on our own we will never experience what could be… These verses taken from the book of psalms reminds us of the grace and mercy that is accredited to us daily… David calls for us to “magnify the Lord” and “exalt his name”… You might ask the question why (as if you don’t know that God is deserving of all praise, honor confidence and love – Revelations 4:11); however, David proclaims this because God has made ways out of no way and has always delivered us even when we didn’t deserve it… It is important to note the time in which these verses were penned… Let us examine these verses written by King David in the 34 psalms and come to understand the period of time that David “sought the Lord…” This psalm is recorded while David was under attack by Saul and fled to the land of Gath… He ended up in the camp of Abimelech who was the King of Shechem and despised the Israelites… While living in the land of the enemy David decided to change his behavior and act crazy so that he would not be killed by the Philistines! It was a statue of tradition that they didn’t kill people who were insane, so Abimelech decided to drive him away, and David left. David was faced with opposition on both sides (Saul on one and Abimelech on the other) and although he fled to the enemy’s camp and caused more anguish on himself, God still showed up and delivered him out of his circumstances, this is why David finds complete joy in the Lord, so much so that he encourages you today and says “O Magnify the Lord with me!” In reading this psalm and knowing the background, we can draw a direct parallel to our lives… We have tried to handle situation on our own and face trials with our own agenda in mind and as a result made things worse… We have made the gap wider or the hole deeper and as a result we find ourselves in a worse position than we started off in… Even though we have walked a will that we decided, God still has shown mercy on our behalf and raised us up out of the pit we had dug… David is saying that we should all magnify the Lord with him, we should exalt His name together because of His Grace and Mercy, because of His faithfulness and Compassion and because He has delivered us from all our fears… David was fearful to say the least, death was thought to be certain and he knew that only God was able to rescue him! David says I sought the Lord, and He heard me… The word sought means to hunt or require; David would stop at nothing in seeking the answer and hunting down God’s provision and protection… David required God’s presences in his life, this wasn’t negotiable, David wasn’t going to give up on seeking the Lord and this is why David can go on to say “and he heard me…” No matter how far down the path of darkness you have traveled, no matter how twisted up in the life of sin you have become, when you cry out to the Lord He can hear you… David had tried every avenue of this earth, and he had gone down every path and had nowhere to turn… He sought God in the midst of his trials and tribulations, he sought the Lord when everyone else would have wrote him off, he sought the Lord as his enemy begin to close in on him and God still made a way out of no way… I believe that we all can magnify the Lord right now because he has made ways out of no way, he has turned darkness into day and he has turned obstacles into stepping stones… David sought God because he knew that all power resides within His hands, he knew that it was by God’s grace that we are not consumed… He later goes on to say, “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Have you tasted God’s mercy today, have you tasted a sample of God’s grace today, have you sought the Lord and tasted his faithfulness today? If you have, you can join in with David and “magnify the Lord”; you can drop down on your knees and “exalt his name…”


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